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Painting Styles

India's various Styles and Themes of Paintings


Shri Radhakrishna Pichhavais are finest narration of Shri RadhaKrishna Lilas performed in Gokul and Vrujbhumi. Pichhavai Paintings describe superbly the sacred lila-activities of Shri RadhaKrishna, which have great earthly and cosmic values. Pichhavais are mainly made to hang in Hindu temples of the Pushtimarg devotional tradition.

Village Sceneries

Paintings like, Shepherds with cow herd, sheep, goats etc; narrates usual activities of interior small villages. Other Village Scenes Paintings Subject are routine activities of Paniharies at Water Hall, Black Smith, Tailor, goldsmith, farmer, with bullock, bull cart rider, camel cart rider, etc.

Modern Art Paintings

Abstract Arts and Abstract Paintings are the arts which do not need particular narration because the art does not attempt to represent an accurate visual depiction, and it describe arts through gestural, colors, shapes and free style brushing effects.


Natural Sceneries & Landscape Paintings are generally made in wide spaces. Through Natural Sceneries & Landscapes, we effort to describe the Beauties of the Nature. While travelling within landscapes, jungles, mountains, rivers, seascapes and natural touristic places, honestly, we all definitely desire to pack the entire nature in our travelling bags, and bring it home. But unfortunately, it is not possible to pack up entire or small portion of Nature or Natural Prosperities.

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